Music Collection

This Music Collection includes these five songs:

  1. The Winds of Africa
  2. More Than a Hero
  3. One Small Voice
  4. A Very Merry Time 
  5. Oh What a Beautiful Day

The Winds of Africa

Here is a great production piece to feature all of your choirs. The open harmonies and haunting melodic line provide an outstanding base for a mass choir selection. This would also be an excellent opportunity to include an improvised African drum part. The lyric line is simple and speaks of the never ending winds of Africa. The piano accompaniment part is challenging and adds a special spice to the ensemble.

CLICK HERE to play The Winds of Africa

More Than a Hero

This piece would fit perfectly into your Veterans Day program or be a great selection to add a little drama to your fall or spring concerts. The message is heartfelt and speaks of friendship and the positive belief  in another person. A mellow piano accompaniment adds a great deal to the feel of the piece.

CLICK HERE to play More Than a Hero

One Small Voice

The piece begins with an a cappella overview of the message. The song then features a soprano/alto duet, followed by the full ensemble for the remainder of the selection. The true meaning of the lyrics is that it only takes one small voice to encourage belief in yourself. The piano background is soothing and fits well into the melodic and harmonic lines.

CLICK HERE to play One Small Voice

A Very Merry Time of Year

Winter holiday concerts always need an uplifting piece to add to the festive feel of the season. The lyric line covers the positive, fun and enjoyable activities we all love during that time of year. The message and melody, combined with a very active piano part, add to the joy of this selection.

CLICK HERE to play A Very Merry Time of Year

Oh What a Beautiful Day

A typical Broadway up-beat type of selection that will have your choir and audience feelin’ good. The lyric line describes a beautiful sunny day just waiting to be enjoyed. Melody and harmony go together beautifully and are enhanced by a traditional Broadway-infused piano accompaniment.

CLICK HERE to play Oh What a Beautiful Day

About the Music is a company specifically set up to provide high-quality musical arrangements for middle school choirs. Each piece was written and arranged with middle school-age students in mind and will fit any type of ensemble. The vocal ranges are moderate and the lyrics and story lines are age-appropriate.

Each arrangement comes with a complete MP3 full mix recording, part-predominant recordings, a separate piano part, a PDF full score and a separate lyric sheet. The material is to be downloaded and used on smart devices and computers.

All pieces include:

  • Sheet Music
  • Lyrics Sheet
  • Full Mix MP3
  • Piano Only MP3
  • Alto Only MP3
  • Baritone Only MP3
  • Soprano Only MP3

Hard copies of the PDF files can be printed and CDs can be made of the MP3 recordings if you wish. There are no limitations for school use as to number of groups, number of students or copies of the material.

Each school year will produce a number of selections for classroom and performance use in a subscription package. All pieces will be made available online at one time. With a single purchase of the subscription, you will have full access to all of the pieces available for that year. NOTE: There is no auto-renewal attached to your purchase.

These songs were designed to fill the needs of the school year, such as a welcome back/motivational song, Veterans Day program, winter holiday program, spring program, and a moving-on/graduation program.  Of course, they are interchangeable and can be learned at any time.

2017 Music Collection

This Music Collection includes these five songs:

  1. The Winds of Africa
  2. More Than a Hero
  3. One Small Voice
  4. A Very Merry Time 
  5. Oh What a Beautiful Day