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Are we there yet?
March 28, 2017

Hey SingFree Subscribers,

Ken Kraintz here with a very important announcement: has just released a brand new selection for your middle school choir - Are You There Yet Full Mix MP3

This is a great tune for your upcoming spring concerts, or just to have with your groups.

I know you and your students will relate to the message and the piece itself has lots to offer in terms of great rhythms, fun harmonies and a melody that will most certainly keep their attention.

As you put your concerts together, there is always that one piece that you wish you had to complete the lineup or to use as a great encore song. Well...THIS IS IT!

As always Are We There Yet? comes with a full-mix recording, individual part-predominant recordings and accompaniment recording along with complete score and lyric sheet.

Head over to the Store and check out what is available!

In harmony,

Ken Kraintz Founder

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