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The Power of the Donut
September 12, 2016

Welcome back teachers!

Here you are at the beginning of another exciting and very busy school year. You are refreshed, replenished and ready to get started (in theory...)!

Your music has been selected, your class rosters are finalized (or close to it) and you are eagerly awaiting your young charges to show up.

After having been through similar circumstances for 33 years, I’d like to share one of the real “game changers” which will help you prosper and grow as a music teacher.

Game Changer #1

“The Singing Donut”

I think it was W.C. Fields that once said “Don’t ever underestimate the power of a donut”. I found out that he was totally right!

The first people you want in your corner as the year begins are the secretaries, cooks and custodians. Unfortunately they are often overlooked and unappreciated- Though I think we can all agree that our schools would not be the same without them! You can’t imagine how much influence these people have on your students.

Here is the plan:

1) Have five or six of your best singers learn a quick a cappella tune (unison is just fine).

2) Buy some fresh donuts.

3) Before school one day, have the students present the donuts, sing their song and wish each group a great school year.

The power of food and music together is something that will blow you away!!!

Does this have anything to do with teaching music? YOU BET!

When the support people start talking positively about your program and the great kids, everyone wins. It will make things a lot easier down the road when you need a favor from one of them. Here is the key: don’t just try to impress your administrators – that comes later!


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I wish you the very best for a great school year.


Ken Kraintz Founder

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