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Purchase Order Information
September 01, 2016

Dear Member,

I have had several teachers inquire about using a Purchase Order (PO) to sign up for the 2016 Collection of music from New Collection Store rather than using a credit card.

I realize this may help to keep track of your annual budget for music purchases. At we are completely set up to do this type of transaction!

Just have the Purchase Order (PO) emailed to:

or mail the Purchase Order


Purchase Orders

25707 38th Ave NW

Stanwood, WA 98292

Either method will work! Make sure your name and email address is on the Purchase Order (PO) so I can send you the access code to the Collection while I am processing the Purchase Order. This will enable you to get your music order with no delay.

I hope this makes it easier for you to order the 2016 collection from the New Collection Store I wish you the very best for a great school year.


Ken Kraintz Founder

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