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Welcome back teachers!
August 30, 2017

Greetings Fellow Choir Directors!

It’s that very special time of year again... (no, not Christmas!) It’s time to meet all your new choir students, introduce yourself and announce the many special events planned for the new school year. Yes, it is very special and also very busy.

The one thing all choir teachers can use more of is TIME. As I look back on my teaching career, "time" was the number one premium commodity. This is where the materials from can really make a positive difference!

You will be able to have your groups up and singing in a matter of days, rather than weeks of rehearsing just to learn their first song. Students will take an active part in their learning and you will have more TIME to spend refining your day-to- day lesson plans.

This fall, there are two new titles that will certainly attract attention from you and your groups. "Our Last Goodbye" and "Rock Me Amadeus" are both a lot more introspective and offer many opportunities for creative teaching moments with your students. Make sure you listen to the samples on the website in the NEW RELEASE section at

A new year is always filled with opportunities and possibilities. I truly wish you a fantastic start!!!


Ken Kraintz Founder

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