Welcome to the New Release Titles

Below you will find what's new in the online store.  We know as much as anyone how important it is to keep material fresh and exciting.  While some tunes you may wish to use year after year, it is always fun to try something different with groups.  This section will change when new pieces are out so you can always be sure to have the latest tunes.

Goodbye Love

Here is a great arrangement of Ken Kraintz’s famous ballad, Goodbye Love. This ballad was a mainstay of the early jazz choirs and had become a favorite with all types of vocal ensembles over the years. It has been translated into several languages and has been recorded all over the world. Ken has added a piano part to enhance the haunting melody that has endured for decades. This will be a favorite with your groups and audiences alike.

Eyes Of a Child

This original piece, written for SSA is sure to be a holiday favorite with your groups and listeners. The melody is reminiscent of a revered classic that has endured forever. The sensitive lyric line will bring back memories of a wonderful time each of us remembers in our own way. The voice leading is smooth and flowing while vocal ranges are moderate. You will love this piece year after year.

Rock Me Amadeus

This piece brings Mozart’s 40th symphony into a whole new dimension using contemporary rock rhythms and harmonies. The original story line touches on some of Mozart’s struggles as a great composer trapped in a lifestyle with little freedom to create the music he truly longed to write. He died at a very young age but still managed to produce some of our most beloved classical music selections. This piece could also serve as a reference point for a historical study of the life of Mozart.

Our Last Goodbye

Everyone will experience some type of loss in his or her life. This piece explores the feelings that accompany the end of a relationship, friendship or a moving-on life change. The message is simple and the melody and harmony are hauntingly beautiful. There is lots of room for expressive creativity and drama in the selection.