Oh What a Beautiful Day

This typical Broadway up-beat type of selection will have your choir and audience feelin’ good. The lyric line describes a beautiful sunny day just waiting to be enjoyed. Melody and harmony go together beautifully and are enhanced by a traditional Broadway-infused piano accompaniment.

Product Includes: Sheet Music * Lyric Sheet * Soprano MP3  * Alto MP3* Baritone MP3 * Piano MP3 * FullMix MP3

Additional Information:

Type of ensemble needed: The piece is written for SAB and sounds best with the baritone part included, however the alto part covers the harmony quite well so the piece could be effectively done SA.

Technique teaching points: The selection is a Broadway show piece which requires lots of energy throughout. The dynamics are terraced so there is little finesse required in the phrasing.

Story line:  The lyrics speak for themselves. This is an uplifting piece with lots of enthusiasm positive feelings.

Program placement:  This is an excellent opener or closer to your program. It could also be used as an encore piece to finish your program on a positive note.