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Wayfaring Stranger--New Release!
September 26, 2018


I am so happy to announce the release of this new arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger (click title to listen) perfect for your middle school choir!

Written in 1784, Wayfaring Stranger has been a mainstay in American country music spirituals for decades. Most of the major country music stars have recorded an arrangement of this piece over the years. Lately, more contemporary artists, such as Ed Sheeran, have picked up on this tried and true melody and lyric line. And now ChoirMix has a version ready for your choir!

Click the link for ChoirMix's Wayfaring Stranger to discover more about how this song could fit into your musical repertoire for the year.

A little more about the tune...

The message has always been the same: we struggle in our personal lives from day to day, but there is a great reward waiting for us when we die. In other words, do your best to live your life, no matter what hardships you encounter, and in the end you will be rewarded. This is has been a mainstay in spiritual music for a very long time.

This arrangement and lyric line, picks up on the more positive aspects of the song and brings the ensemble into a whole new realm of anticipation of good feelings. The 5/4 rhythm underlies the movement toward a brighter day even though there are trials to overcome. This piece is more of a celebration of life than a reminder of the day to day struggles we all have to endure.

The original piece and lyric line was quite somber, but over the years, many more lyric lines were produced and performed to the same melody. This arrangement uses lines that were developed to create a more uplifting feel and joyous statement in anticipation of a brighter future for us all. To find out more, visit the page at

In Harmony,

Ken Kraintz

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