What is the ChoirMix Newsletter?

The ChoirMix Newsletter is our way of keeping in touch with you. After the first initial sign up Welcome Email, our newsletter goes out once a month--though sometimes we will email you with coupons or seasonal promotions.

What's in the ChoirMix Newsletter? Depends on the month. Generally we  discusses current topics surrounding the music education and fine arts industry, thoughts for the month and new techniques.  We also feature one or two songs every month that we feel go with the various themes and topics being mentioned. 

Additionally,  we invite guest writers and journalists.  That's always fun and you never know what kind of fun tid bit is waiting for you.  We also have a spotlight section where we feature new composers and their respective accomplishments.  This is always a great chance for you to get know the composers and hear one of their featured songs written for ChoirMix.

You will also be privy to offers, coupons and freebies.  

Here on this page a real life example of our the ChoirMix Newsletters. Pretty standard stuff here and we aren't reinventing the wheel. We know, everyone has a newsletter these days. They are often repetitive, boring and they fill up our already overflowing inboxes.  We all get them. And we all know what usually happens when we receive them...

Chances are you won't read through the newsletter word for word, and frankly that's ok.  Nobody really has time for this.  Life moves too fast and we get too much material begging for our attention. (Did you know that as of 2018 on average we get 121 emails per day--PER DAY!!!) That's a lot of unread junk filling up our to-do list.

So why bother send newsletter?  Well, it is our hope that one day, one of our headlines or a bolded word or picture will catch your eye.  Something of interest and importance will grab your attention and it will lead you to an idea or a solution to a problem.  

If you get bored with us, simply unsubscribe! But we hope you don't. You never know when some bit of information will spark inspiration.

Hang in there with us. 

Questions about the ChoirMix Newsletter?

As always, if you have questions about the ChoirMix Newsletter or have suggestions for upcoming additions, please feel free to email us at info@choirmix.com. 

We'd love to hear from you.

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