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Yep, it's a free song. Whether you've heard of us before or just stumbled upon our site, there really is no better way of getting to know us than trying out some free material.  We only ask that you sign-up to our monthly newsletter in exchange (which of course you can drop out of at anytime if we are too annoying!) This is our way of staying in touch and keeping you up  to date with our latest releases, promotions, discounts, events and other cool stuff.

We believe in what we do and we believe in YOU the teacher.  Middle school is where music comes alive for many students. In order to nurture the love of music and help middle school students develop their musical skills, teachers must provide material that is both age-appropriate and musically challenging for all their students. Age-appropriate songs are those that appeal to students through lyrics and story line.

While most students are able to step beyond their comfort zones and learn more about their vocal abilities, they also must be given music that fits their vocal ranges as well as harmonic and rhythmic ability levels. The goal is to give them a reasonable challenge in a supportive environment and watch them thrive. ChoirMix is dedicated to teachers and students ready to make magic happen.

Free Song for Students

If you’re a student, wouldn’t you love to receive guided practice outside of choir class? Most students are handed choral arrangements in class and expected to learn their parts during classroom practice time. ChoirMix creates new possibilities by:

  • Allowing students to practice outside of the classroom
  • Giving teachers quality music in a modern format
  • Delivering all materials needed to present new music to middle school students
  • Creating unique arrangements designed specifically for middle school choirs
  • Making substitute teacher plans simple

When choosing music from ChoirMix for your choir, you can download all of the following instantly:

  • Sheet music
  • Lyric sheets
  • MP3 recordings

Not only can choir teachers download these materials to use in the classroom, but students may download the materials to their personal electronic devices, making the ChoirMix method truly modern! This allows them to practice with the MP3 recordings and memorize PDF lyric sheets outside of the classroom, learning their pieces even when they aren’t under direct guidance of their teacher. This also gives students greater confidence in their performing abilities when it’s time to put the music together.

More vocal practice outside the classroom means more success and enjoyment inside the classroom for you and for your students. With these musical resources, students will feel empowered and confident. Easily downloadable music can deliver just that! Sing up for a free song and then check out the Online Store a full list of what is available.