Winds of Africa | Live Performance Gallery

The ChoirMix Gallery proudly showcases The Winds of Africa performed by the Everett Chorale and Eisenhower Middle School.

Here's what happened:

Each group received downloadable Mp3 part predominant audio files (as well as the pdf scores) and given two weeks to learn the music before coming to their ensemble rehearsals.

Then the groups came together for the first time and performed the piece in front of a live audience. 

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Sometimes we forget that all great performers, musical or otherwise, were inspired at some point in their youth. It could have been because of a teacher, a mentor, a role model or a famous icon either past or present—but the inspiration was birthed at some point and then expanded. ⁠

Next time you attend a concert, ask yourself what came before the flashing lights. Chances are the artist had an interesting journey to the stage. ⁠

If you are a teacher, what can you do to inspire the love of music in your students? If you are a student who is currently inspiring you? ⁠

Photo Credit: Dan Gold on Unsplash⁠

Not everyone was born a soloist. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement from not only from a choir director, but also from peers.⁠

Creating a safe place for kids to explore their potential as soloist by feeling valued and appreciated is the cornerstone of any choral program. ⁠

What techniques do you use to "Bring out the soloist" in each of your students?⁠
Photo Credit: Mathias Wagner on Unsplash⁠

Happy Monday Everyone!!!⁠

We're not sure if this kid is singing or yawning...fairly appropriate Monday Morning pic as we tend to both (sing and yawn)...
Photo Credit: Jason Rosewell on Unsplash⁠

No Piano?⁠
No Problem!⁠

All songs from ChoirMix come with a piano accompaniment recording that can be used in classroom rehearsals or even at concerts.⁠
Photo Credit: Denise Jans on Unsplash⁠

Concerts can be nerve-wracking for students and teachers alike. One of the biggest hurdles to tackle can often be the sheer amount of chaotic energy leading up to a performance. However, once harnessed, that crazy energy can actually make your performance fabulous. ⁠

How do prepare for pre-concert nerves and jitters??? Tag someone who knows the secret ⁠
Photo Credit: Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash⁠

How many times have you wanted to have “this year” be something really special? Everything is usually great at the beginning, but soon the energy and excitement begin to diminish. Staying focused throughout the year can be challenging. Here are some suggestions for success:⁠

1). Write down your goals ⁠
What do you want to accomplish before Christmas vacation? After the first month, you will get a good idea of what great possibilities are ahead.⁠

2). Live “outside” the box ⁠
Are you using the same old “go-to” materials you use every year? Try something new. You can always go back to your comfort zone. And who knows, the new stuff may work even better than the old.⁠

3). Enjoy the journey ⛵⁠
Many times we focus just on the finished product. In our case it’s the concert or program. How you get there can be just as much fun if you take time to celebrate the “little” accomplishments.⁠

4). Fail forward. ‍♂️⁠
Take a chance on something new and embrace the failures along the way. The successful teachers and students are the ones who are not afraid to fail.⁠

5). Be the most positive person you know ⁠
There is always a positive way to evaluate or critique a situation. Use the right words to communicate your thoughts in a positive manner. Remember, what you think and what you say – you become. Stay away from negative, toxic people and situations the best you can and always bring a positive attitude into your day.⁠

6). Take some “me” time everyday ⁠
You may never get a whole day, a half-day or even an hour, but you can take ten minutes each day to dedicate just to yourself. You won’t believe how refreshed and clear-minded you will become in a very short amount of time.⁠

7). Focus on what’s important ❤️⁠
Many times we get concerned with all the little things and lose track of the big picture. Building positive relationships and a love of music should always be on the forefront. The school year is short, so don’t let schedule interruptions, negative energy, or stressful situations get in the way.⁠ 

Its sometimes hard to imagine than at one time records were a modern delivery system for music. Things have changed so much, and yet vinyls in all their nostalgia, still hold prestige. Why?⁠

In today's speedy, ultra polished, digital world, it seems unreal to think that the small glitches or audible deficiencies picked up when listening to a record could be considered beautiful. ⁠

The perfection is perhaps in the imperfection. No auto-tuning can take the place of the "human experience" one feels when listening to the needle drop on an old classic.⁠

What records do you have laying around that need to be heard today?⁠
Photo Credit: Laura Rivera on Unsplash⁠

Our Favorite Choir Quote: "When we sing together we are not people apart, but we are drawn to each other in cooperation, if we could take this lesson into our lives we would be better people" -Dr Anton Armstrong



Photo Credit: Haley Rivera on Unsplash

The curtain rises⁠
Sometimes the day to day rehearsal can feel like trudging through mud. Progress is being made, but it doesn't always feel that way...⁠

But then somehow, just somehow, it all comes together on concert night. Maybe its the adrenaline, maybe its the focusing of nervous energy or maybe its the raw enthusiasm that comes from wanting to impress the crowd. ⁠

The curtain rising not only means the start of the show, but a chance for the whole group to reap the rewards of steady, hard work. There is no better feeling than that comes from the sound of an audience applauding weeks of diligent effort. The curtain rises, and it all comes together.⁠
Photo Credit: Rob Laughter on Unsplash⁠

How often do you wake up feeling like this? Chances are, unless you are a toddler, your answer will be "not too often."  So how do we get back the childlike thirst for life and adventure?



Gallery Photo Credit: Robert Collins on Unspalsh

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