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Welcome to the ChoirMix Resources page.  What qualifies as a resource? Good Question.  A resource by our definition is anything that enhances your efficiency in the classroom or your experience as a middle school choir teacher!

Whenever we stumble upon  a book, article, product, GIFT IDEA ,technique hack, teaching tool or trick we like to talk about it--and we talk about it here.  We know that there is an endless stream of material available today.  Sometimes material lands right into our inbox but sometimes we have to search for it just a little.  

The ChoirMix Resources section helps to cut down on the searching.  We sift through products and pages on a regular basis and only post what we think is truly relevant and helpful to the middle school choir teacher of today.  Peer reviews can be of enormous value when making decisions on what to try.  As the landscape of music education is ever changing, it is important to keep up with trends but also to find those golden nugget resources that are tried and true--those secret weapons you can keep coming back to year on year with confidence.

Sight-Reading Programs

Tools for Conductors offers the only Sight-Reading program that you will ever need.  Check out their site for more information and freebies. Specifically for middle school choir teachers and up,  Foundations of Choral Mastery is a Sight-Reading and Music Literacy course designed and aligned with important markers to help all choirs come up to speed and progress toward MASTERY of the most common musical concepts, enabling them to actually read music on their own as they become independent musicians.


You've likely already sang one of Roger Emerson's tunes, but have you read his books? If not, its time to do so. Roger Emerson is perhaps one of the most broadly recognized names within education music.  His talent as a composer and arranger goes without saying as does his deep understanding of the middle school aged voice.  We particularly like his warm-ups for mixed choirs as well as males only.  Below are some that we've selected and available on Amazon.


Here is our reading list. We know you only have so many hours in a day and time is precious.  You can't spend all day reading, so when you do, its essential to choose something worthwhile.

Cool Choir Threads

Why? Because these are just awesome.  We've scanned Amazon to find the best Tee Slogans. Here they are. Would sporting one of these to school be a bit OTT?  Most definitely. And that's why we love them.  Because as you all know, being a choir director means re-defining the meaning of  "over the top" every single day.

Random Choir Finds

Yeah we know.  These are just weird. Every once in a while you stumble across one of these little gems that are so bizaro that you have to think, only a music educator could appreciate the humor.  So here you go. 

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