Middle School Choir is our passion.

  • Are you a Middle School Choir teacher?
  • Do you struggle to find age-appropriate music?
  • Would you like to cut down on the learning time needed to perform a song?
  • Does your budget prevent you from updating your educational library?

If Middle School Choir is your thing too...

Let's get to know each other!  The ChoirMix method was designed to assist middle school choir teachers in finding new, original music written specifically for adolescent and changing voices. The instant downloadable delivery system provides you with sheet music as well as part-predominant recordings for each part.  We have found that having part-predominant recordings really speeds up the learning process.  

As demonstrated in the video below, when musicians are given part-predominant recordings prior to receiving sheet music, the time needed to learn is significantly reduced. 

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All ChoirMix songs are rated for difficulty level using the CLaS rubric.

The ChoirMix Experiment

Check out the ChoirMix Experiment vid for a little taster of our method!

We wanted to see how quickly professional singers could learn and preform one of our songs.  The musicians were given their part predominant recordings the night before we met up.  They were asked to listen to recordings several times to familiarize themselves with their part. 

The next day on-site they were then given the sheet music.  They all confirm that having heard their part predominant tracks the night before greatly enhances their ability to site read the music when it was given to them the following day.

Featured Musicians: David Steadman, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Stephanie Walbon, and Daniel Oliver.


"This music is so much fun. My 8th grade choir just finished doing “Rock Me Amadeus” and performed it for our recruitment concert. They learned it in just ONE WEEK using all the materials provided from ChoirMix.com"

 -Aubrey Willis, Ontario Canada

"As a former middle school choir director, I was always using materials that Ken Kraintz shared with me. Now, as a high school director, I am continually recommending Ken’s website to my middle school colleagues. Take the time to peruse his website. You’ll like what you see and hear."

-Laurie Cappello, Everett Washington

"The part predominant recordings were a huge time-saver. They also allowed the students more independence at a time when the school was focusing on boosting student agency."

 -Benjamin Tomczak

"I’ve been using ChoirMix songs in my substitute packet to help our non-musician subs get through my choir classes. They all rave about the materials and the best part is that the students actually do music while I’m gone."

-Sarah Leahmann, Houston Texas