The Elephant in the Show

Recruiting for School Choirs 

Among the necessary, and at the same time, egregious choices in which education (choral education in particular) presently finds itself, perhaps we have (necessarily) focused on the immediate, and, at our own peril, not looked far enough down the road. In our research, nowhere can we find this particular topic being significantly discussed.  It affects all of the planning and “putting together” choral conductors do…with or without pandemic and curriculum adjustments.  It is …                                                        


Consider the methods and means you “normally” employ to demonstrate to your incoming students for next year or in the next few years.  Usually, we:

  • perform concerts for them
  • invite them to our concerts
  • send them printed or email information
  • talk with colleagues about the students or singers they have and, perhaps, who they might recommend even if they are not currently singing
  • other
  • LOTS of other


  • Do we actually know who we will have in our choirs when rehearsals resume?
  • Do we know when we could hold auditions or enrollments? 
  • Can we engage with counselors or parents (if private school choirs)? 
  • If you conduct church or adult private or children’s’ choirs, what are your plans and what resources will you need?

Perhaps we’d better discuss this – as a profession.