The Slug

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CLaS Assessment Level: 1.4

“The Slug” is a humorous original work by Vijay Singh written specifically for young voices to teach tempo discipline, staccato articulation at slow tempo, and add humor to traditional melodic choral programs. 

The piece is scored for 2 part w/opt. 3 part voices and piano.  The playful text reflects the title!  The piano part is simple and highly effective at creating a modern harmonic effect while conveying the character of the “Slug”.  The piece is deceptively challenging as many young choirs tend to rush tempos when singing staccato lines. 

This is an excellent teaching tool in addition to being a fun whimsical addition to any choral program!  “The Slug” is truly unique in its originality, and there is nothing else comparable on the published choral market!

Type of ensemble:  This piece is written for two part treble voices with optional third part. It would fit nicely as a fun piece right before an uptempo part of your program. 

Story line: The slug is a humorous setting about a common garden pest (The Slug) and what it can do to your beautiful garden.   

Technique teaching points: This is an excellent teaching tool for staccato articulation and very slow tempo discipline. 

Program placement: This selection is a great change-of-pace piece and could be placed just before an uptempo selection or before a big finale number.

Product Includes: Sheet Music * Lyric Sheet *  Part 1 (High) MP3 * Part 1 (Low) MP3 * Part 2 MP3  * Piano MP3 * FullMix MP3