Why ChoirMix?

So why ChoirMix when there are other educational music providers?  There are a whole host of publishing companies to choose from. We all know who they are--in fact all of our composers write for them too! ChoirMix isn't trying to compete with them, rather we want to compliment the music that they provide as well by offering teachers songs that are fast and easy to learn as well as fun to sing. Here is why ChoirMix is different:

Firstly we ONLY write for middle school choir and fall somewhere along the spectrum for these ages.  Some pieces are slightly more complicated and appropriate for advanced groups, while other pieces are simple and can even be considered pre-middle school. We aim to produce music that suits various choir profiles. 

Secondly, all of our tunes come with MP3 rehearsal tracks. We value the importance of site-reading within the context of musical education.  However we also understand that for some students, particularly audio learners, the ability to hear their part first will help to make sense of the notes they are seeing on the page.

Thirdly all of our composers have taught and/or assisted middle school choir and understand the specific needs of changing voices. While some choirs are quite gifted and accomplish very sophisticated works, others 

Lastly our songs are leave

Empowering Choir Teachers 

While teaching choir fulfills the dream for many middle school music teachers, it’s also a challenging position due to time constraints and limited budgets. Easy  accessibility to choral arrangements gives students the opportunity to learn the music outside the classroom, which allows teachers more classroom rehearsal time. 

Empowering Substitute Teachers

Digital music files are an excellent addition to any substitute teacher lesson plan package. 

With materials from ChoirMix, substitute teachers, at any skill level in music, can provide rigorous and engaging musical lessons. Not only will the substitute teacher feel more confident and prepared, but the choir students will benefit from valuable music instruction in their regular teacher’s absence.

Empowering Middle School Students

Technology is and integrated part of students experience today and this is why ChoirMix aims to follow the  changing trends.  The choral arrangements were designed as downloadable files for easy accessibility to students. You can download these PDF and MP3 files to any electronic device, including:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

The system can be completely paperless so students have instant access to scores, lyrics and recordings wherever and whenever they want. This empowers students with a unique practice tool when even their teacher is not available.

We want to  help young vocalists expand their love of music and performance skills. Resources accessible from electronic devices will forever change the way students prepare for concerts and festivals.

Questions about why ChoirMix is different?

Please email us any question you may have at info@choirmix.com