Rainy Day Getaway

Here is another fun piece done in a traditional calypso style that paints a picture of warm breezes, swaying palm trees and sandy beaches. Just what most of us need when February rolls around each year and we’re faced with rain, clouds, snow and sleet. The mood is festive and light with a repeating interlude that is reminiscent young children singing a playful song.  The piano part adds to the rhythmic feel of the piece to create a true Caribbean experience.


Product Includes: Sheet Music * Lyric Sheet * Soprano MP3  * Alto MP3* Baritone MP3 * Piano MP3 * FullMix MP3

Additional Information:

Type of ensemble:  This selection is SAB with lots of unison melodic parts in octaves. It could be performed just SA if need be, but the baritone line adds a lot of depth in the harmony.

Technique teaching points:  This is a happy, carefree type of song that needs lots of confined energy. The dynamic range is quite limited so the contrast has to come from accented phrases and crisp releases. As a contemporary calypso piece this song could also be an introduction to a 

Story line:  The story is highlights daydreaming in a Caribbean holiday setting. Letting go of your troubles and just relaxing in a tropical paradise.

Program placement:  This is an excellent encore piece or perfect just before your intermission break. Light-hearted, quick-paced and just plain fun to listen to.