Eyes Of a Child

This original piece written for SSA is sure to be a holiday favorite with your groups and listeners. The melody is reminiscent of a revered classic that has endured forever. The sensitive lyric line will bring back memories of a wonderful time each of us remembers in our own way. Voice leading is smooth, flowing and vocal ranges are moderate. I’m sure you will love this piece year after year.

Product Includes: Sheet Music * Lyric Sheet * First Soprano MP3  * Second Soprano MP3 * Alto MP3 Piano MP3 * FullMix MP3

Additional Information:

Type of ensemble:  This piece is written for SSA and features easy to understand harmonies and voice leading. It is ideal for young voices in that the voice leading and vocal ranges are quite moderate.

Story line:  This is a holiday piece that recons back to when we were young children enjoying all the wonders of the season. It is innocent in its approach to understanding personal feelings.

Technique teaching points:  Here is an ideal way to get independent voices working together. There are lots of moving parts within the chords and the detail in getting the finished product will challenge the ensemble. Balance and blend will also be an important aspect of this piece.

Program placement: This selection could be placed just before your last piece in your program. It’s quite delicate and sweet and would set up your last big finale.